Actual news!

So… It’s a pretty well-established fact that I suck at updating this blog. It’s been nearly a year. Aaaaand I left you all on something of a cliffhanger, for which I am very sorry.
I *have* sent out a few newsletters to people on that list (Remember, it’s easy to sign up: just email me at and let me know you want in on that list) but I’m a really crappy juggler, and updating all the various platforms is exhausting.
Anyway, enough first world writer problems, amirite?
Here’s the condensed version of things: My 2016 was utter crap. Since it was utter crap for an awful lot of people, that’s not really news. I did, however, figure out a pretty good solution for my chronic back issues… which helped incredibly well with the depression and everything else. I may end up writing a book about my experience with getting my back (and brain and…life, I guess?) back in order, but a lot of people have written to me asking my secret, so I guess I should touch on it here, too.
Some of you know that I injured my back last January. What you may not know is that I was, from January to May, pretty much bedridden. The fix wasn’t medication or physical therapy or surgery… it ended up, for me, being about nutrition. I found, through some last ditch searching for anything that might help me, a video on Youtube called The Starch Solution. I followed Dr. McDougall’s plan, and by June I was able to run a 5k. So…yeah. Check it out. And, btw, I do not benefit financially from recommending McDougall’s stuff… but since I truly believe he kinda saved my life, well, I’m a fan. 🙂
Enough about me, though! What about Randall and Tracy?! What about Tommy and Coda!?!?!?! What about all the heinous monsters?!?!??!??!!?!
Well, I have good news for you!
Without the crippling pain and mind-numbing pain pills, I am back to writing daily. I’ve been making pretty good progress. So much, in fact, that I’m pretty confident in saying that both The Art of War, the fourth entry in the Randall Lee Mysteries AND Down, the looooong-awaited sequel to Black will be available this summer!
Also, paper copies of the entire Randall Lee series are now available and brand new shiny sparkling audiobooks are in production now.
(Check here for the details)
Okie doke. So I’m going to get to work!
I’ll let you know more as soon as I know something.




OH. I nearly forgot. I *do* have a new short story available. If any of you remember The Steel Church (a dystopian sci-fi/horror story originally found in The Horror Library), I’ve released a follow up story in the same story world called The Steel Church: Requiem. The original story is included, too. If you like short, nasty, depressing stories– and hey, who doesn’t?!– be sure to check it out.

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One Response to Actual news!

  1. Sharlene says:

    Great news on you feeling better! All the best.

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