The exhaustion. It burns.


We spent the weekend in Gettysburg, PA for the Horrorfind Weekend convention. I just got back into town around midnight on Monday night.

This time my wife and I decided to take both of the kids (AND her mom, to help watch the kids), which added a different level of stress to what is already a fairly whirlwind kind of trip.

But all went well.


My reading was Friday night, and we had just managed to roll into town about three hours before my scheduled time slot, so there was no time for a nap or anything. I read “Comfort,” my story in the Zippered Flesh anthology.

I really thought I sucked pretty bad, but everyone told me that they liked it.

My reading partner was the very cool James Newman. If you like horror, definitely check out his homage to 80’s horror, The Wicked (

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with old friends, meeting new friends, and, of course, introducing the kids to the magical world of horror-geek culture.


Lil Anya met her first world-destroying battle mage.


The kids with the costume contest winner.


My 3 year old, rockin’ her Dr. Who shirt. She is weirdly obsessed with this episode…


Devil bears. They bought devil bears.

p.s. Pressure Point is coming. I swear it. My cover artist is hard at work and expects to be done around the 15th of September.

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3 Responses to The exhaustion. It burns.

  1. Doris Cooley says:

    I can wait. I reread Changes in preparation. It was as awesome the second time as the first.

  2. fundinmental says:

    How cute. Everyone needs a little time for family and relaxing. I love the cover for Pressure Point. As always, you have very intriguing covers. I can hardly wait to read this one, as I enjoyed Changes so much. Congratulations.

  3. Thanks, guys! I hope you like it!

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