Not Dead


What a crazy couple of months.

I do not recommend trying to finish a novel while simultaneously helping out a spouse with school work and having 2 children climbing on your head. Not to mention the alpacas…

Anyway, I’m back. Mostly victorious, which is always good.

I’m doing some final tweaking on Pressure Point while my fantastic cover artist works his magic. The book should hopefully be out in just a couple of weeks, and I think people will dig it. I always like it when books take off in directions that I never intended, and Pressure Point did that about 80 times.

So… what next?

I’m working on finishing up something completely different for me: A book with no references to China or Chinese culture… no martial arts… no monsters…

In fact, it’s a… teen romantic comedy.

But before your face freezes into a grimace of distaste, let me explain a bit.

This is my homage to the sort of stuff I liked growing up… John Hughes, Kevin Smith, etc.

It’s (I hope) funny, and sweet, and fills you with a warm, fuzzy feeling (that I don’t immediately stomp on, like usual).

After that, it’s back into the Nephilim Codex. I’m about halfway through Canto II, which I have promised to folks for a winter release.

Several shorties are coming out soon, too. Including Uncommon Assassins which I didn’t even know was coming so quickly… as in, holy-crap-that’s-already-out?!

If you’re interested, here’s the link:

(It’s available in paper, too, btw)


Anyway, that’s about it for now. I promise not to disappear for so long. And next time, I’ll shoot for having something of actual substance to write about.

See ya!



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2 Responses to Not Dead

  1. AL says:

    Enjoyed BLACK I , waiting for BLACK II. Are we there yet?….LOL

    • Thanks! Hehe, not yet… Things are taking a bit longer than I would’ve liked. I’m hoping to get it finished up soon, though.

      Thanks for reading! You might be interested in the Randall Lee series… similar humor and action!

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